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  • Home Settings LLC Shares 3 Urgent Tasks You Need to Finish This Fall

    Home Settings LLC Shares 3 Urgent Tasks You Need to Finish This Fall Don't allow damage to creep into your home unnoticed. Before the rain and frigid temps, here in the Northwest set in, Home Settings LLC offers these tips: 1. Reseal around your windows. Caulking and sealants will shrink and crack over time. It's important to check for a proper seal around your window frames and their trim at least annually. 2. Check the weep holes on vinyl windows. Most vinyl windows come with "weep" holes. If clogged with moss and debris, water can back up inside your walls. Spray your window with a hose, near the top. You should see water flowing freely from the weep holes at the bottom. If you don't, get it fixed fast. 3. Gutter cleaning Most homeowners wait until the leaves have fallen before cleaning gutters. This can be a very expensive mistake. Before the rain comes, and before the leaves start falling, make sure your gutters are clear to take the water off of your roof and away from your siding. We recommend having gutters cleaned every 6 months or every 3 months in heavily wooded areas. There are many more home maintenance tasks to consider, but these three items will help keep your house safe and in good shape through the dark and rainy season. Home Settings LLC is a locally owned company. They are offering a free fall checkup for any homeowner in the Eugene and Springfield area. For more information, you can visit their website at

  • 5 Handyman Hacks before Selling a Home, You'll Wish You Knew them Sooner

    5 Painless Handyman Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner. The condition of a home can have a big impact on its sale price and speed. Here are 5 super easy handyman shortcuts you can start using today, that will  make your listings look amazing: 1. ☆ Baseboards ☆ It's such a small detail, but it has a big impact on the sense of cleanliness when you walk in. Touch up stain or paint if needed. To clean, just take a wet soapy rag and press firmly into baseboard. As you walk along, use your other hand to follow with a dry rag. Done in 20 - 40minutes. 2. ☆ Declutter ☆ A cluttered home can make it look smaller and less appealing to buyers. Piles in closets look better in neatly stacked boxes. Sidetable items go into a decorative baskets. Countertop appliances get put into cupboards. 3. ☆ Let there be light ☆ Replace dated glass globes and light covers instead of replacing the whole fixture. Or, simply swap out light bulbs for full spectrum daylight bulbs 💡. Remove old curtains and open up all the blinds. 4. ☆ Bad Smells Don't Sell ☆ Open every window, cupboard, drawer, closet and door. Turn on the fans. Spraying the inside of the drawers and cupboards usually knocks out any funky house smell. 5. ☆Add some curb appeal.☆ The first impression is important. To make sure your listings have good curb appeal, try to follow these two principles: A) Every plant to itself. Make sure each plant is clearly defined and has some space around it B) Line it up. Tops of hedges and shrubs = equal in height to top or bottom of windows. Lower tree branches = equal to roof line or window line. Clean lines between lawn, patios and curb and garden beds make a home look sharp. 👌 Following these handyman tips can help you make your listings look their best and sell them faster. ********Author: Rochelle Love Elder, Owner of Home Settings LLC P.S.If you're a real estate agent, I encourage you to share these tips with your clients. They can help make the home selling process a little bit easier. #handyman #realestate #homeimprovement #realestateagent #sellyourhomefaster Happy Selling!

  • 5 Important Questions to Ask a Handyman Before Hiring for Your Home Project

    You don't want to end up with a botched project, an outrageous bill or even an unfinished project. Unfortunately, this is the experience many of our clients have had with other handyman services before hiring us here at Home Settings LLC. Here are 5 important questions to ask any handyman, before you let them get started on your home project. 1》How many times have you done ___x___ before?; and do you have any photos of that work? It's perfectly OK if they have never done that exact job before. Handyman are problem solvers and likely have a range of skills they can put to use on any project. What you want to watch out for are lies. If they say, "Oh yeah, we do ___x___, all the time," And yet have no photo evidence or references, you may begin to question their honesty. 2》 Does this work require a permit or a license to complete?; and if so, do you have the required license? There is a big difference between a handyman and a licensed contractor. A licensed contractor is not required for many small home repairs. So long as the repairs do not involve the structure of the home. A responsible handyman should know where to draw the line and when to refer you to a contractor. Be weary of anyone who makes light of the need for a permit, or tries to work under-the-radar. They are not looking out for your best interests. 3》 Will you provide an estimate or a price quote?; will it be itemized? In case you're unsure of the difference, let me explain: ESTIMATE: Usually otlines a unit quantity (hourly, per sq. Ft., daily, etc.) And the rate they will charge per unit. An estimate is essentially an educated guess and may change as the project unfolds. Make sure you are aware of their policy on changes to the estimated price, or you could end up with a surprise bill. PRICE QUOTE: A price quote is essentially a promise to charge you the quoted price. Any changes need to be approved by you first and should be in writing. 4》 Are you insured?; who is responsible in case of a mishap or damages? Not all handyman services have insurance, and that's OK. However, make sure you are clear on who is liable in case something goes wrong. Signing a waiver that is equally weighted, to relieve you both of liability can be a good idea. This would not be valid in case of negligence, so not to worry. 5》 Do you offer any guarantee on your workmanship?; and if I am unhappy, how do I use that guarantee? At Home Settings LLC we offer a "Happy or We-Fix-It" Guarantee. We don't call it complete until you're Happy with the result. It's a good idea to check on what types of guarantees a handyman offers, if any, before deciding to hire.

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  • Packages | Home Settings LLC

    Choose your pricing plan Interior Detailing $ 495 495$ 2 person crew up to 6 hours Select Dusting Light fixtures Baseboards and trim Bathrooms, toilets, tubs Sinks and fixtures Spot clean walls Clean hard floors and Vacuum carpets Appliance faces + windows and carpet shampoo for addtl. Fee Exterior Cleaning $ 1,695 1,695$ Complete Home Exterior Service Select Roof Clean off/Moss Treatment Soft wash siding Windows outside Clear cobwebs Gutters Pressure wash concrete and decks Yard Make-over $ 1,495 1,495$ Complete landscape maintenance service Select Mow Cut back overgrown brush Edge Weed Prune shrubs and ornamental trees Create a balanced visual appeal Clear garden beds Includes up to 4 weeks Maintenance Yard Care Debris Hauling Best Value All-in-One $ 4,470 4,470$ Turnkey solution to prepare a home for the market. Save $300 Select Complete Interior Detailing Total Exterior Cleaning Services Full Landscape Maintenance Service Includes Weekly Maintenance Yard Care up to 1-month Includes Weekly Maintenance Cleaning up to 1-month OR Choose any ten (10) individual services. Best Leaf Clean-up Price in Town $ 99 99$ Every month Valid for 3 months Select No leaves accumulating Neat and Tidy Weekly Service Save Money with a Packaged Plan

  • Gallery | Home Settings LLC

    Gallery Photos of House Cleaning, Pre-Sale Prep, Landscape Maintenance, Handyman Work BEFORE Princess Ave., Eugene, OR Prior to our landscape maintenance work Full Size View AFTER Princess Ave., Eugene, OR After our Landscape Maintenance, pressure washing and deck refinishing Full Size View BEFORE Princess Ave., Eugene, OR, alternate angle Prior to our landscape maintenance work Full Size View AFTER Princess Ave., Eugene, OR alternate angle After our Landscape Maintenance, pressure washing and deck refinishing Full Size View Kitchen on Princess Ave, Eugene, OR Paint, decluttering and detailed cleaning. Full Size View Upper patio Princess Ave, Eugene, OR Previously unusable hillside. Leveled and a stone patio with railing installed for dining or hot tub. Full Size View Stone staircase to Upper patio Princess Ave, Eugene, OR Work on Stone staircase leading to upper patio Full Size View Back deck, Princess Ave, Eugene, OR Repaired failed railing, refinished wood. Full Size View Altura St. Eugene, OR Landscape Maintenance. Front Yard. Full Size View Inside Altura St. Eugene, OR Decluttered and cleaned prior to listing. Full Size View Front Room Altura St. Eugene, OR Cleaned and decluttered prior to listing Full Size View Kitchen Altura St. Eugene, OR Major decluttering and deep cleaning of kitchen prior to listing. Full Size View Backyard of Altura St., Eugene, OR Landscape Maintenance Full Size View Front yard Loftus St., Lowell, OR Painted home Full Size View Kitchen Loftus St., Lowell, OR Installed counters, flooring and painted cabinets. Full Size View Entryway, Dining room Painted, installed flooring and carpet. Full Size View Backyard Loftus St., Lowell, OR Repaired fence, painted, cleared shed and debris from yard. Full Size View BEFORE Pearl St. Full Size View AFTER Pearl St. Full Size View BEFORE Backyard Pearl St. Full Size View AFTER backyard Pearl St_ Full Size View Customer Experience Read more PRINCESS AVENUE - Homeowners Dee and Bob had lived in their home on Princess Ave., in Eugene, OR for over 20 years. They were in the process of moving out to their family's property after Dee's mother passed away. They asked us to come in and make some repairs, such as reattaching the vapor barrier under the house, updating an out of code banister on the staircase, and making over their tired landscape. We also provided deep cleaning, exterior pressure washing, gutters and more. The couple was very appreciative of the assistance. It helped free up their time to deal with the process of having anew manufactured home installed on their family's property. Dee and Bob are still loyal customers today. Their house sold for a good price and in record time. Read more ALTURA STREET- Chris and his wife Amy were given the duty of handling Chris' mother's estate. They were to sell the belongings and the home during the probate process. After the estate sale, they were left with a mass of cluttered belongings and a huge mess to clean up. Their real estate agents were coming to take pictures of the property in two days and they needed our help. Within 24 hours, our team came in and organized, stored or removed the remaining belongings. We cleaned up some moisture damaged areas, due to the house being closed up for so long. We were able to make the inside spotless and tastefully staged for photos. Their real estate agents gave us our favorite response..."Wow!" The home sold in less than a week. Read more PEARL STREET- We never actually met our client here. Her real estate agent called us in to deal with this home, which she had finally decided to sell. The yard was overgrown, moss was taking over the roof and the interior badly needed some TLC. Our crew came in over a three day period and trasnformed this property, inside and out. We cut back overgrown brush and cut vines away from the house. A neat, clean edge was put on the lawn and we trimmed all the shrubs. After the gutters were cleaned off and cobwebs removed, the siding only needed a little rinse. Inside we thoroughly cleaned a 1950's original tile kitchen and added a new finish to the old hardwood floors. The real estate agent was very impressed with the results. We don't know if the client ever saw our work, but we know her house sold. Customer Experiences

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