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Photos of House Cleaning, Pre-Sale Prep, Landscape Maintenance, Property Clean-up

Customer Experience

PRINCESS AVENUE - Homeowners Dee and Bob had lived in their home on Princess Ave., in Eugene, OR for over 20 years. They were in the process of moving out to their family's property after Dee's mother passed away. They asked us to come in and make some repairs, such as reattaching the vapor barrier under the house, updating an out of code banister on the staircase, and making over their tired landscape. We also provided deep cleaning, exterior pressure washing, gutters and more. The couple was very appreciative of the assistance. It helped free up their time to deal with the process of having anew manufactured home installed on their family's property. Dee and Bob are still loyal customers today. Their house sold for a good price and in record time.

ALTURA STREET- Chris and his wife Amy were given the duty of handling Chris' mother's estate. They were to sell the belongings and the home during the probate process. After the estate sale, they were left with a mass of cluttered belongings and a huge mess to clean up. Their real estate agents were coming to take pictures of the property in two days and they needed our help. Within 24 hours, our team came in and organized, stored or removed the remaining belongings. We cleaned up some moisture damaged areas, due to the house being closed up for so long. We were able to make the inside spotless and tastefully staged for photos. Their real estate agents gave us our favorite response..."Wow!" The home sold in less than a week.

PEARL STREET- We never actually met our client here. Her real estate agent called us in to deal with this home, which she had finally decided to sell. The yard was overgrown, moss was taking over the roof and the interior badly needed some TLC. Our crew came in over a three day period and trasnformed this property, inside and out. We cut back overgrown brush and cut vines away from the house. A neat, clean edge was put on the lawn and we trimmed all the shrubs. After the gutters were cleaned off and cobwebs removed, the siding only needed a little rinse. Inside we thoroughly cleaned a 1950's original tile kitchen and added a new finish to the old hardwood floors. The real estate agent was very impressed with the results. We don't know if the client ever saw our work, but we know her house sold.

Customer Experiences
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