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Your Yard as Part of Your Living Space

Forget about just mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. People live in their yards too!

  • Kids play games

  • BBQs with neighbors are enjoyed

  • Parties are thrown

  • Mom and Dad relax together

When looking for a new home, many put a livable outdoor space at the top of their wish list.

There must be space to BE.

Here are some outdoor living space ideas that go beyond just building a deck.

an outdoor structure consisting of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters.

These can be attached to a home or free standing. Typically, they have an open roof allowing the sun to shine in through a slatted top.

It is a space to be.

There are many clever and interesting design ideas for pergolas.

a structure with four or more columns and a covered roof.

Gazebos seem a little fancier than pergolas. They can be simple as well. The main difference is the covered roof vs. the pergola's open roof.

They are great for wetter climates or for a more private space.

Fire pits- stone, metal, wood-burning or gas-burning

A great way to set the ambiance in an outdoor space and you can't beat the power of a crackling fire to make people gather around.

In places where fires would not typically be allowed, often gas-burning fire pits are an exception. Check on your local ordinances.

Stone Patio-

Stone patios can go almost anywhere. With the price of wood gone up into orbit this can be a cost effective alternative.

It can be done DIY for much less, although it is a considerable amount work.

There are endless design possibilities and styles to play with.

Outdoor Kitchen

Last but not least, at least not dollar-wise (these can get pretty spendy), we have the outdoor kitchen.

It'sa BBQ lover's dream. Including counters and often a sink or even a mini-fridge, they can be as simple or complex as you can dream up.

Not just fun but entirely practical. Under a covered roof, you're guaranteed year round enjoyment.


You bet. Creating a livable outdoor space can raise a home's total value by 14%-20%. That's a chunk of change for swapping out that old lawn space.

Gardens aren't just for looking, they can also be for living!

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