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Strategy for Intensive Decluttering

Start Packing- backward

Since your moving any way you could just start packing for your move. That's a lot more challenging than packing for, say, a vacation.

Packing backward means starting by packing up what you do need. Like you're going on an extended vacation to a cabin or beach house for a month.

Pack everything you absolutely can't live without. Including the pots and pans.

Remember, this is temporary, like a vacation. Just don't tape the boxes yet.

Now, for everything else, excluding your main furnishings, pack it up.

Put it away

Renting a storage unit would be wise. If you can't afford it, designate a corner of the garage or neatly stack boxes in your now-empty closets.

Pots, pans, plates, stuffed animals and everything out of your bathrooms also. Try not to add to your already packed "vacation items."


Pictures off the walls, Knick knacks, and artifacts, packed and stacked too.

Remove personal items you use, like pen-holders, magazines, back scratchers, hats, and the like.

Your home will sell faster if potential buyers can see it. Plus, you never know, you might decide you don't need the rest of it after your move.


The idea is to make a great first impression. Potential buyers will have an opinion formed within the first few seconds of walking into a home, largely based on subconscious cues.

They will be asking themselves:

  • Has this home been well maintained?

  • Could I see myself living in this space?

  • Is this going to require more work than it's worth?

Create a space ready to move into, not a space already lived in.

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