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The Long-Term Value of People Over Profit 📈

The philosophy our company is built upon.

Profit is important. I could charge more than I do. I could go after clients with bigger pocketbooks. If my goal is only to fill my wallet today, I could succeed. But what about tomorrow?

When we started Home Settings LLC, we chose a large and under-served market of lower-income and elderly people as our target consumers.

Not exactly a savvy business move, looking at our short-term gain.

Our community members need our services to be affordable for them. We build trust and good rapport by meeting their needs rather than some "$" quota.

In the long run, we are wisely creating a solid foundation for continued success. Our clients feel that they can count on us and they enthusiastically share us with their family and friends.

"The profits reaped from a solid business reputation, gilded with integrity and compassion, are far more valuable than if we were to squeeze every dollar we could out of each job."

Would you choose 1 million dollars today or a penny doubled every day for ten years?

Would you choose one good payday now, or clients, doubled every day until you retire?

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