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Do this ONE thing to earn 403% return on investment

There is a lot to do before selling your home. Here, I will explain what project you can do to get the biggest bang for your buck.

According to, and I highly suggest reading their full article;

Clean & Declutter is the winner.

Avg. Cost: $402
Value Added: $2,024
Return on Investment (ROI): 403%"

Next was landscaping with only half the return of decluttering and cleaning.

Hearing that may have come as a big relief.

If doing a complete remodel would be preferable to sorting through your stuff and you're overwhelmed read our article on decluttering here.

Now, let's talk about where to channel your efforts.

Start Packing

You're moving anyway. Get ahead and start packing.

Renting a storage unit would be wise. If you can't afford it, designate a corner of the garage or neatly stack boxes in your now-empty closets.

Your home will sell faster if potential buyers can see it. If you need help decluttering and organizing you can call Home Settings LLC for that.


Pictures off the walls, Knick knacks, and artifacts, packed and stacked too.

Remove personal items you use, like pen-holders, magazines, back scratchers, hats, and the like. You're going for more of a hotel feel; a space ready to move into, not a space already lived in.


The idea is to make a great first impression. Potential buyers will have an opinion formed within the first few seconds of walking into a home, largely based on subconscious cues.

They will be asking themselves:

  1. Has this home been well maintained?

  2. Could I see myself living in this space?

  3. Is this going to require more work than it's worth?

Focus on the entryway

Some often-overlooked areas are baseboards and trim- light fixtures, and smudges on walls, doors and, switch plates.

Let in some light

Clean your windows, or hire someone like Home Settings LLC to do it for you. Open the blinds and consider removing your drapes for a more spacious feel.


Cleaning and decluttering is the single most important thing you can do. A 403% return on your investment is huge. Skip the remodel. Instead, just make room for the new homeowners to see themselves in your space.

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