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Details Make the Difference to a Homebuyers' Opinion

On a recent LinkedIn Poll, real estate agents were asked, "What is the most important thing to make a home sell?"

#1 Answer: CLEAN!

(Check out #2 WITH A BONUS TIP and #3 later in this post).

So, it's not price (which, by the way, is set more from comparables than from your kitchen or bath remodel).

It's not staging. Even a beautifully furnished home, that's not cleaned right, will turn off buyers.

Why Clean Matters

Buying decisions are largely subconscious and emotional. We tend to go with our gut, especially for large investments (surprising right?).

When viewing a home, details that will send off alarm bells are:

  1. Dusty light fixtures.

  2. Smudges on walls

  3. Dirty baseboards

  4. Soap scum in showers

  5. Hard water deposits

So more important than anything (except who your real estate agent is), is how clean your house is before showing.

Not All Cleaning Companies are Alike

Most cleaning companies prefer regular weekly cleaning appointments. They simply wipe down surfaces, vacuum, dust, and they're done.

Even a traditional "deep clean" doesn't get down to the level of detail needed to impact a homebuyer's impression.

"Wow! The house looks like brand new!"

This is a quote from one of our clients, Lou. This is how your home should feel when going on the market.

What Clean Says to Buyers

Buyers' subconscious minds tell then this home has been incredibly well cared for and impeccably maintained.

Buyers' subconscious minds tell them this home is safe and ready for them to live in.

So, if you want to see your home sell faster and at the best possible price, consider our Pre-Sale Prep services or our Interior Detailing package, which can be found out:

#2 and #3

The next most important factors to make a home sell, according to real estate agents, are:

#2 Smell

Closely related to clean I would say. So what is the best scent? It's not freshly baked cookies or bread. This tended to make homebuyers hungry and distracted.

Simple smells are better than complex ones. Here are the two best scents to use

BONUS TIP: Vanilla is #1 followed by Lemon for home scents when selling.

#3 Most important factor: Curb appeal.

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