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Top 5 Issues Home Sellers can Easily Fix before a Home Inspection.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." -unknown

☝ Clear roof and gutters of all debris as well as moss.

The roof is the first thing potential #homebuyers will notice. Inspectors will comment on the condition of your roof in their report.

A leaf blower and a stiff brush are usually enough to clear moss and leaves. Hire a pro to tackle the roof job for $.20 to .50 c

ents per sq. ft., and about $1 per linear foot for gutter cleaning.

✌ Wood rot / Dry rot

Once an inspector sees wood rot, he or she may require you to replace the entire panel of siding, piece of railing, etc.

Save yourself the headache and hire a local handyman to come sand, fill, prime, and paint any localized areas of rot, especially on the siding.

Rot? What rot? 🙈

👌 Fire / Earthquake Preparedness

Most water heaters are required to have "seismic safety straps" installed around them. These can be purchased for $20-$30 at

a hardware store.

Smoke/Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed in every bedroom and outside sleeping areas as well (hallway). Additionally, alarms should be in stairwells and on every level. Check your local regulations.

🤚 Stair Baluster & Deck Railing

The vertical spindles of a baluster, which handrails sit atop, must not be able to fit a 4 3/8ths inch sphere through the openings and the bottom rail must not sit higher than 6 inches from the top of the step.

🖐 Caulking & Sealant

Over time, the sealant around windows, tubs, and sinks, called caulking, wears away. If not replaced your home risks water intrusion.

Tubes of caulking and a caulking gun may only run about $65 total. But it can get messy if you are not well-practiced. You can save the frustration and hire a handyman

for around $300 to seal 6 average-sized windows.

🧐💬 What will your inspector have to say about all these upgrades? Hopefully nothing!

These issues are commonly found during inspections. These simple fixes could prevent time-wasting snags in your Home-selling process.

If you need help with these repairs. call us up 541-246-9985

Here again, are the Top 5 Easy Fixes for Home-sellers.

☝ Clear roof and gutters of all debris as well as moss.

✌ Wood rot / Dry rot

👌 Fire / Earthquake Preparedness

🤚 Stair Baluster & Deck Railing

🖐 Caulking & Sealant

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