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5 Important Questions to Ask a Handyman Before Hiring for Your Home Project

You don't want to end up with a botched project, an outrageous bill or even an unfinished project.

Unfortunately, this is the experience many of our clients have had with other handyman services before hiring us here at Home Settings LLC.

Here are 5 important questions to ask any handyman, before you let them get started on your home project.


1》How many times have you done ___x___ before?; and do you have any photos of that work?

It's perfectly OK if they have never done that exact job before. Handyman are problem solvers and likely have a range of skills they can put to use on any project.

What you want to watch out for are lies. If they say,

"Oh yeah, we do ___x___, all the time,"

And yet have no photo evidence or references, you may begin to question their honesty.

2》 Does this work require a permit or a license to complete?; and if so, do you have the required license?

There is a big difference between a handyman and a licensed contractor.

A licensed contractor is not required for many small home repairs. So long as the repairs do not involve the structure of the home.

A responsible handyman should know where to draw the line and when to refer you to a contractor.

Be weary of anyone who makes light of the need for a permit, or tries to work under-the-radar.

They are not looking out for your best interests.

3》 Will you provide an estimate or a price quote?; will it be itemized?

In case you're unsure of the difference, let me explain:



Usually otlines a unit quantity (hourly, per sq. Ft., daily, etc.) And the rate they will charge per unit.

An estimate is essentially an educated guess and may change as the project unfolds.

Make sure you are aware of their policy on changes to the estimated price, or you could end up with a surprise bill.



A price quote is essentially a promise to charge you the quoted price.

Any changes need to be approved by you first and should be in writing.


4》 Are you insured?; who is responsible in case of a mishap or damages?

Not all handyman services have insurance, and that's OK. However, make sure you are clear on who is liable in case something goes wrong.

Signing a waiver that is equally weighted, to relieve you both of liability can be a good idea. This would not be valid in case of negligence, so not to worry.

5》 Do you offer any guarantee on your workmanship?; and if I am unhappy, how do I use that guarantee?

At Home Settings LLC we offer a "Happy or We-Fix-It" Guarantee. We don't call it complete until you're Happy with the result.

It's a good idea to check on what types of guarantees a handyman offers, if any, before deciding to hire.

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