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5 Handyman Hacks before Selling a Home, You'll Wish You Knew them Sooner

5 Painless Handyman Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner.

The condition of a home can have a big impact on its sale price and speed.

Here are 5 super easy handyman shortcuts you can start using today, that will  make your listings look amazing:

1. ☆ Baseboards ☆

It's such a small detail, but it has a big impact on the sense of cleanliness when you walk in. Touch up stain or paint if needed.

To clean, just take a wet soapy rag and press firmly into baseboard. As you walk along, use your other hand to follow with a dry rag.

Done in 20 - 40minutes.

2. ☆ Declutter ☆

 A cluttered home can make it look smaller and less appealing to buyers.

Piles in closets look better in neatly stacked boxes.

Sidetable items go into a decorative baskets.

Countertop appliances get put into cupboards.

3. ☆ Let there be light ☆

Replace dated glass globes and light covers instead of replacing the whole fixture.

Or, simply swap out light bulbs for full spectrum daylight bulbs 💡.

Remove old curtains and open up all the blinds.

4. ☆ Bad Smells Don't Sell ☆

 Open every window, cupboard, drawer, closet and door. Turn on the fans.

Spraying the inside of the drawers and cupboards usually knocks out any funky house smell.

5. ☆Add some curb appeal.☆

 The first impression is important.

To make sure your listings have good curb appeal, try to follow these two principles:

 A) Every plant to itself.

 Make sure each plant is clearly defined and has some space around it

B) Line it up.

Tops of hedges and shrubs = equal in height to top or bottom of windows.

Lower tree branches = equal to roof line or window line.

Clean lines between lawn, patios and curb and garden beds make a home look sharp. 👌

Following these handyman tips can help you make your listings look their best and sell them faster.

********Author: Rochelle Love Elder, Owner of Home Settings LLC

P.S.If you're a real estate agent, I encourage you to share these tips with your clients. They can help make the home selling process a little bit easier.

Happy Selling!

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