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4 Ways Your Front Door Could Make You Thousands of $$$

Skip the new door and try this!

1) CLEAN (duh right? but....) get the trim around the door frame, the casing inside the frame, the hardware, and of course the door itself.

2) CLEAN the windows and screens as well as the threshold (the piece you step over.)

3) Refinish, or recoat- Trust me, it's worth it right now. JET BLACK or SLATE BLUE front doors are the way to go in 2022.

SEATTLE, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/, Jet black

4) Cobwebs, excessive decoration, and personalized accessories should be removed from your entryway.

It is not just a door.

Your door serves as a gateway to another dimension, a future dimension where you're counting your profits while the new owners live in the home you're in now.

Give it the royal treatment!

And now a poem, about the "Perfect Front Door."


the sense

of the futility

of maintenance

yet I feel

the cool

night air

from the open door


crosses the border

at will

why not labor.

Steve Malmude The Bundle: Selected Poems Subpress/Goodbye

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